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About Before the Butcher

Everyone loves delicious food. That’s why we created UNCUT®. A family of Certified 100% plant-based, protein packed, gluten-free and non-GMO Project verified foods that taste amazing. We've revolutionized the industry with the 1st Family of Plant-Based Burgers. These patties will satisfy all tastes with the UNCUT® PLANT-BASED burger™, UNCUT® PLANT-BASED savory chicken burger ™, UNCUT® PLANT-BASED roasted turkey burger™ and the 2019 FABI Award recipient UNCUT® PLANT-BASED breakfast sausage patty™. You won’t want just one, you will want all of them! We not only have the best PLANT-BASED BURGERS, we have an extensive line of UNCUT® PLANT-BASED PROTEINS that you have to taste to believe. Chunks, tips, grounds, crumbles and more, will make any recipe plant-based perfection. And since UNCUT® is plant-based, it’s also good for you and the planet. Goodness all around. Eat Delicious. Eat UNCUT®.


  • Mainstream™ Plant-Based Patties
  • UNCUT® Plant-Based Beef Tips
  • UNCUT® Plant-Based Breakfast Ground
  • UNCUT® Plant-Based Breakfast Sausage
  • UNCUT® Plant-Based Burger
  • UNCUT® Plant-Based Chicken Chunks
  • UNCUT® Plant-Based Chorizo Ground
  • UNCUT® Plant-Based Crumble
  • UNCUT® Plant-Based Ground
  • UNCUT® Plant-Based Italian Ground
  • UNCUT® Plant-Based Pulled Pork
  • UNCUT® Plant-Based Roasted Turkey Burger
  • UNCUT® Plant-Based Sausage Crumble
  • UNCUT® Plant-Based Savory Chicken Burger
  • UNCUT® Plant-Based Taco Ground

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