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MarginEdge is a restaurant and beverage management software that streamlines back-office tasks with real-time finances, invoice processing, bill pay, price alerts, inventory, recipe and ordering management for restaurant operators, bookkeepers and accountants. MarginEdge uses machine learning/AI and a team of awesome humans to automatically code line item detail from invoices so restaurant operators and their accounting teams have access to purchasing data in as little as 24-48 hours without manual entry. We then integrate with their POS and accounting systems to provide an automated data link that empowers operators and restaurant accountants with real-time financial data so they can make profit-boosting decisions when it counts, not after the period has ended. As a team built by former (and current!) restaurant operators, part of our mission is to bring operators the same energy, attention to detail, and passion they bring to their guests. Our culture is deeply rooted in service, partially because that’s where so many of our team came from, but also because we believe it is just the right way to run a business. We design our software with profound empathy for the complexity of running a restaurant, and the goal of making the magic just a little easier for operators by taking the complex (read: very annoying) back-office tasks off their plate, while empowering them with real-time data.

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