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Founded in 1960 by Jack Maas, Sr., JTM originated as Maas Brothers Meats and in 1974 was renamed Jack Maas Meats. To be reflective of the continued growth of the business, in 1980 the company became known by its present name—JTM Food Group. Since the company’s inception, it has truly been a family business with participating members including JoAnn and Jack Sr. (Mom and Dad) and their seven children, Jack Jr., Mike, Mary Lou, Joe, Tony, Kathy and Jerry, in addition to the recent involvement of 15 grandchildren. And keeping it in the family, the initials “J, T, and/or M” are part of each family member’s monogram! Jack Maas Sr.’s founding principles of dedication, faith, hard work and family continue to embody the JTM spirit and commitment to excellence.

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200 Sales Drive Harrison, OH  45030-1485
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