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Victorinox: Designed by professionals, for professionals the Fibrox Collection offers optimal performance and precision cutting. Featuring nonslip ergonomic handles, these pieces support the hand and wrist, making cooking and preparing food a joy. Supersharp stainless steel blades slice smoothly through even the toughest cuts of meat, while specific knives for tasks, like making pastry or filleting fish, take care of every aspect of culinary life. Epicurean: Epicurean commercial cutting boards and utensils are dishwasher safe, knife safe, and maintenance free. Epicurean’s unique material is made from many layers of high-quality custom craft paper. Rolls of paper are infused with thermosetting resin before being cut to length and laid by hand. Each sheet is carefully stacked, alternating the direction of the paper to achieve the ultimate balance and stability. The stacks are pressed under even heat and pressure, bonding the layers of paper together and curing the product. The sheets are then slowly cooled to produce a solid, stable food-safe sheet material.

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