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Great restaurants have the power to build bridges and cultivate connections between people, food, and the restaurant itself. We believe that the mark of a truly great restaurant is its ability to attract the best guests - the kind of people who treat every member of your team with respect and are eager to become your biggest fans. These guests are the ones who order that third drink and rave about your chocolate lava cake to their coworkers the next day. They keep coming back for more and bring their friends and family with them, making for a truly fulfilling and popular dining experience. At Yelp for Restaurants, we recognized the unique opportunity to combine our years of one-of-a-kind guest insights with brand new products to help fill restaurants with the best guests around. Yelp Guest Manager provides a simple, thoughtful customer experience that keeps guests returning and raving. With all the features to take customers from search to seated in one place, Yelp Guest Manager combines reservations, waitlist, check-in kiosks, POS integrations, and two-way texting in one powerful tool. We believe that the hardest thing a diner should have to do is choose what to order, and with Yelp Guest Manager, we make the process as easy as possible. At Yelp for Restaurants, we are dedicated to turning the best guests into your regulars. So, let's get started and work together to create the ultimate dining experience for your guests.

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