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Black Sheep Foods stands out in the plant-based industry by owning and integrating its unique fat and flavor profiles, creating a meat-like experience that rivals traditional animal products. The company delivers its innovative products in versatile formats such as kebabs, bites, and wellingtons, catering to both consumer and chef needs for diversity beyond the usual plant-based options. Their approach has received high praise, including chefs such as Guy Fieri, for its authentic taste and texture, contributing to significant sales increases for early adopters like the upscale fast-fine restaurant Souvla. Black Sheep Foods not only improves kitchen efficiency with higher yield and less labor but also aligns with the health and environmental preferences of consumers, offering products with fewer calories, less fat, and no cholesterol compared to animal counterparts. Their latest product, steak bites, tastes better than traditional meat and undercuts the price - try it for yourself at booth #282 where they will be sampling it for the first time!

FABI Favorite Winner Food & Beverage 2024 Award

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2565 3rd Street Suite 336 San Francisco, CA 94107
United States

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