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TechRyde Inc. aims to streamline digital ordering and menu management processes for the hospitality industry worldwide. With its product Orderapp and Ordertaker, TechRyde Inc. has helped several restaurants increase their operational efficiency, orders, customers and revenue. Orderapp, lets you spend less time fighting technology and more time doing what you do best. It makes managing orders and menus simpler than ever before. Your UberEats, Doordash and other platform orders will be directly connected and sent to your POS; no manual involvement is required. No more tablets, no order errors, reduced labour time and money spent, and more time spent enhancing a customer’s dining experience. The simplicity of ordering will encourage customers to purchase more, increasing revenue. Now, Orderapp is proudly powering companies like Pizza Hut, Starbucks and KFC, and is powering over a thousand locations. Orderapp goes further than just order management, allowing restaurants to integrate menu updates, make price adjustments, and accept or reject orders from the convenience of their POS terminal. This revolutionary approach not only streamlines the entire process, but also allows restaurants to focus on providing an exceptional dining experience, which is why Orderapp has gained the trust of industry leaders such as Pizza Hut and Starbucks, as well as over a thousand locations around the world.

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  • Order Taker
  • Orderapp
  • Quick response server

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