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The unique strengths of Aniai’s αKitchen can be stated that it can quickly produce high quality of food through Robotic kitchen with cognitive/control technology and AI operating system, and that it can be applied as a B2B solution to existing restaurants of various brand companies. αKitchen (Robotic kitchen), which is applied with cognitive/control technology, quickly repeats simple movements according to the recipe and it cook efficiently to produce food. Unlike human being, it is not exhausted, therefore, it can produce high qualified and uniform food during 24 hours per day. αKitchen is designed to combine robot module for each ingredients; thus, it has the ability of producing various menus among different brands. It would be easily applied to existing restaurants of various brands. αCloud (Operating system), applied AI Technology, manage the cooking status of ingredients while making foods through the food quality assurance system in real time. It is guaranteed to maintain the same quality and taste of food produced by αKitchen. In addition, ‘Smart Inventory Management System’ is able to manage Sales, Production, and Inventory in real time and dedicated to reduce Restaurant operation cost by ordering insufficient ingredients automatically. Aniai, which has known as αKitchen & αCloud as industry leading technology, provides full automated solution to large domestic burger franchise leaders and premium burger brands, and its technology and product quality have been appreciated. Aniai is on track for the targeting to Global restaurant market in US, World Hamburger leading country.

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