About Wild Hibiscus Flower Company

Wild Hibiscus is a family company producing fun and delicious accents for cocktail and plate applications with products made in-house from butterfly pea, hibiscus and rose flowers + lotus root slices. Wild Hibiscus Flowers in Syrup to a deep blue color change butterfly pea flower extract for ease-of-use verses whole flowers, and red lotus root slices colored with hibiscus flowers just to name a few options. Truly a wide rang of natural colors and flavors for behind the bar or in the kitchen for industry professionals to apply in many different areas of menu planning. Perfect for cocktail bars, restaurants, event planners, cruise lines and more categories, foodservice and retail sizes + option to supply ingredient bulk to manufacturers.

Food & Beverage 2023 Award

Product Categories


  • Blue Matcha
  • Blue Tee
  • b'Lure
  • Heart Tee
  • Lotus Root Slices
  • Wild Hibiscus Flower Pyramid Salt
  • Wild Hibiscus Flowers in Syrup

Additional Information

Are you a U.S. company that exports?: Yes

Languages Other Than English Spoken In Booth: French

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P.O. Box 246 Richford, VT 05476
United States


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