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LG has an expansive portfolio of digital signage, IT solutions and commercial TVs to support businesses across various industries including retail, corporate, restaurants, hotels, airports, schools, arenas and more. Key innovations include razor-thin commercial OLED displays, indoor/outdoor fine pitch LED signage, outdoor signage, cloud computing, hospitality TVs, business laptops, UHD desktop/gaming monitors and Robots. The LG CLOi ServeBot is the world’s first commercial service robot earning UL 3300 certification for safe operation in complex commercial environments such as restaurants, retail stores and hotels. U.S. workers now will be able to safely use robot assistants that navigate busy environments while carrying up to 66 pounds of food or goods, assisting with employee workloads, enabling better customer service, and increasing operational efficiency. The CLOi ServeBot’s semi-autonomous operation offers businesses an effective means to provide enhanced service, while freeing staff to focus on customer relations and build relationships that encourage repeat visits. Whether it’s delivering food from the kitchen to a table or packages from the storage room to the front counter, LG’s CLOi ServeBot can navigate virtually any environment and free up staff to handle direct customer service.


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