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MISO MASTER Miso has been supplying Organic Miso for over 40 years to Fermentation and Natural Product enthusiast. As awareness has increased the last several years we are proud to be one of the first organic miso makers in the US starting our project in 1979. Miso Master Miso is hand-crafted, traditionally made and naturally aged without fermentation accelerants to speed up the aging process. All grains and beans are sourced in the USA and Miso Master Miso is made in the foothills of Western North Carolina just outside of Asheville. Miso Master Miso is Certified Organic, Non.GMO Verified, Gluten Free Certified, Kosher, and we are one of the first adopters of the Plastic Neutral Certification. Miso Master Miso is Unpasteurized, Alive and Fermented – available in retail sizes and Food Service sizes of 4#, 15# and 40#. Miso Master Miso is superior in quality due to our time honored methods of hand-crafting and slowly aging our misos, using the highest quality grains and beans we are able to source. Processors, Manufacturers and Restaurants are tuning into the quality and availability of this fine Miso. Employees are paid “living wages” and we are still independently owned. Miso Master Miso is made at The American Miso Company which was founded with the sole purpose of transferring traditional hand-crafted miso-making from Japan, where it was rapidly dying out, to America, where this essential ancient lore could be preserved. Forty years of artisanal miso-making produces some of the finest miso in the world. We are now the largest US manufacturer of traditionally-made organic miso.

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