There are numerous causes of food waste, but one of the most unfortunate is when perfectly edible produce is thrown away due to size, blemishes, or overall “ugly” appearance. It’s estimated that approximately 20% of healthy, edible produce gets thrown out purely for cosmetic reasons – weird shapes, different colors, or even blemishes on a peel that most people don’t actually eat. UNLIMEAT started to address the issue of food waste in South Korea. Our founder involved visiting many farms, where she saw firsthand the amount of food going to waste, and began working on a solution: Upcycling. She learned that excess grains like wheat and rice had many uses, and eventually realized that upcycled plants could be used for plant-based meats. We use upcycled, wholesome proteins to make delicious plant-based meats designed for diverse global cuisines. We want to accelerate the transition to plant-based eating by making it convenient and delicious for consumers. That is why we’re relentlessly finding ways to expand our offerings, from Korean BBQ to Pulled Pork, Pepperoni and Dumplings to Katsu, using diverse plant ingredients, not just soy and pea protein. We believe that plant-based meats can be for everyone and work with every type of cooking and cuisine. That’s why we call ourselves UNLIMEAT - Unlimited Meat.

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  • UNLIMEAT Sausage

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