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About Eastern Tabletop

Starting in 1950 Eastern has been dedicated to designing and manufacturing silver items for the gift and food service industry. Over the years, the expansion of both the gift and buffet line led to the launching of Eastern Tabletop’s Foodservice Division. With sole focus on the tableware, holloware and buffet items combined with the years of experience in silver art the Eastern name has succeeded in being recognized as a company of Quality, Design and Trust. We are proud to stay behind our products that make their mark in the tableware industry with innovation, fine quality, personal service and exceptional value. Some things never change. Then again, some things get better. That's Live Action, The New Era of Eastern. More than a trend change, it's a renewed commitment to delivering holloware that adapts to your changing needs, simplifies your tabletop service, and provides guaranteed quality items “Designed to Last”. All our products are crafted to withstand years of use and service abuse, it’s the quality and workmanship of our products that are here to stay and will never change. A step ahead with innovative products, updated features and trendy items keeps Eastern the forerunner in the latest holloware and buffetware and in demand by the highly professional and celebrity chefs worldwide.

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