Ken McGarrie

Ken McGarrie

Chief Operating Officer / Consigliere at Fabio Viviani Hospitality

Ken McGarrie is the cofounder of Korgen Hospitality, a nationwide consulting firm dedicated to helping restauranteurs reach their absolute potential with effective leadership and maximum profitability. For the past two decades, he has helmed many successful restaurants, bars, and entertainmentbased venues with a relentless focus on anticipatory service, staff empowerment, and attentive hospitality. He has helped launch new concepts and train hospitality leaders throughout the U.S. and Canada. 

After failing to start an exceptional college band with only average talent, Ken worked as a server/bartender while writing for magazines and newspapers. He started in management the same way that many people do – by surprise. When his GM asked if he would take a set of keys and open the restaurant on occasion, he was suddenly promoted to manager with no training or preparation, like so many others in the industry. Ken went on to open and manage numerous successful restaurants and entertainment venues. With Korgen Hospitality, he has an exceptional client list, including helping open over a dozen restaurants with Celebrity Chef Fabio Viviani nationwide.

An amateur guitarist, avid podcast enthusiast, and stand-up comedy devotee, Ken is currently based in Chicago, Illinois. Learn more at

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