Liz Moskow

Liz Moskow

Food Futurist

Imagine predicting the next breakout menu item or pinpointing the technology that will revolutionize your kitchen. Liz Moskow, a renowned Food Futurist with over 25 years in the trenches of the restaurant and food industry, does exactly that.

A Culinary Institute of America graduate, Liz has carved a unique path, shaping brand development, menu strategy, and product innovation for both restaurant and CPG industry giants. Her expertise is sought after by top players like Starbucks, CKE, GoTo Foods, Panera, Subway, Freddy's McDonald's, Dine Brands among others. Liz's insights and articles have been featured in publications like The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, USA Today, The New York Times, Forbes, and myriad food industry publications like Nations Restaurant News and Restaurant Business.

Trusted advisor and industry insider, Liz leverages her experience to unveil the hidden forces shaping the future of food. At the National Restaurant Association Show, she'll be your guide to navigating the ever-evolving landscape, ensuring your restaurant thrives, not just survives now and into the future.

Join Liz and discover:

  • Tomorrow's Top Trends: Uncover groundbreaking insights that will redefine your menu, concept, and operations.
  • Profitable Innovation: Master the art of leveraging technology and consumer behavior to fuel explosive growth.
  • A Competitive Edge: Gain a strategic advantage by staying ahead of the curve on food trends and disruptive technologies.

Don't miss this opportunity to unlock the future of your business with Liz Moskow.